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Defends the PC against viruses, malware and hacker attacks
Techie — 4 years ago
One-stop solution for every security problem for PC.The best part of Avast! is its RTP [Real Time Protraction] system. It means you don't have to scan every app or game before running them in your computer. Just download and play. Avast! will scan the software in its execution and if something is wrong found, it will Immediately stop the software before its installation in your PC.[Although pre-Scan before installation of the software is advisable]. Pros:- 1. Simple UI. 2. Complete Security solution for PC. 3. Real Time Protection. 4. Anti-Virus data update in every 12 hours. 5. It Provides better User control over the app than other anti-virus. Cons:- 1. None Found.Our View - Pick it.
Arra — 7 years ago
Better antivirus then other...
mohankumar — 7 years ago
nice to use voice command is very nice
Anjili — 8 years ago
The software is efficient, simple to use and wastes little memory.
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