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Defends the PC against viruses, malware and hacker attacks
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Stops viruses, adware and malware fro infecting your PC, runs new applications in sandboxes to keep the system safe, encrypts online traffic and monitors your network for intruders and all kinds of attacks.

Avast! Pro Antivirus is a commercial version of Avast antivirus software designed to be used mostly in business settings. It has several handy add-ons that make it different from the Free Antivirus developed by Avast.

General functions and design are basically the same. There are four main sections with single-click access to general security tools, as well as a small but easily accessible settings menu. Avast borrows interface elements from operating system, which makes navigating the program instantly intuitive.

The functionality doesn't disappoint. Variable scanning finds all possible threats and vulnerabilities, analyzes Internet connection problems and hazards, can check the operating system at the start, offers various check scenarios and provides Web security. Protection settings are very adjustable, and cloud-based design of the program makes it easy to update, upgrade, fix any possible bugs and keep it up to date when it comes to new possible hazards. Because of such a responsible approach to optimization the antivirus works smoothly, does not impact system performance and can easily be used as a background program.

When it comes to malicious URL blocking, Avast outright eliminates most of the ones trying to gain access and simply block a great number of suspicious ones. It's not perfect, but really good. Yet what impressed me most was a scanner that checks the security of your home router by analyzing encryption, administrator rights and accessibility.

But what about the special, exclusive features? First, there's the SecureDNS tool. It protects your DNS settings from being tampered with and prevents redirecting to malicious resources with fake URLs. SecureDNS creates an encrypted connection between browsers and Avast DNS servers.

Another unique feature is the SafeZone browser. It opens the Web pages dedicated to finance or shopping and requiring financial transactions or use of sensitive personal data. SafeZone actually works as a separate desktop that holds a modified version of the Chrome browser. Working in it isolates personal data and financial transactions from all other processes in the system, thus preventing malware and viruses from accessing it. SafeZone is also directly connected to Avast DNS servers and is available only in the commercial version of Avast antivirus. This super-protected desktop mode can also run other processes such as Notepad, but compatibility is limited.

Finally, there's the sandbox feature that allows safe installation of a great number of programs that can pose risk to the system. You can easily and quickly launch any program which is immediately identified and contained. Users can add restrictions and adjust sandbox-restricted programs to use them safely.

All in all, Avast! Pro Antivirus is a very good solution for those who need a serious antivirus protecting their working environment. It hasn't lost any functionality of its freeware counterpart, but gained some of the most useful tools for privacy and performance protection.

James Lynch
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  • Good antivirus protection
  • SafeBrowser feature
  • Safe program launch


  • Some features are not easy to use
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